Cherished Words

English: Fire stoking as at intermission of st...

English: Fire stoking as at intermission of story telling, ATC Cranborne I wanted to capture a sense of the evening, the fire light was bathing people in a soft red glow, as they chatted during the intermission. When the fire was stoked the sparks added an extra dimension. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was lucky enough to know my Grandparents as I grew to adulthood and they were still alive while I was an adult.

I am a bit saddened that although they were alive, I lived at a distance so didn’t have a chance to chat much with them one-on-one. There was some story telling of their past, but I only was able to talk to one of my grandfathers one-on-one.

English: Story telling at Ancient Technology C...

English: Story telling at Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborne Gayle Ross, visiting from the USA, tells traditional stories of the Cherokee people in the Earth House. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I heard a few stories and things I didn’t know about him. During family gatherings he often told stories from his life, but speaking one-on-one was a bit different.

I’m not here to regale you with his stories, but to bring up the point that it is important to cherish the time we have to talk with folk like our parents and grandparents. We can learn a lot and it is just another way to retain family heritage, and heritage in general.


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